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Texture Hierarchy?? xT

I haven’t really done a legit text post in a loooooong time but i felt the need to address what i feel is a SERIOUS.! issue. :P

Since i’ve been natural (for all of almost 3 months now :P) one recurring sentiment has almost literally hurt my feelings. What is it that’s so pressing, you ask? …Statements like THIS ——> “Ohhh girl, I’d go natural IF i could get my hair to do that” “See, your hair is pretty, my hair don’t do that” “I don’t think I have the texture to go natural” etc. etc.       …you get the point.. -__-

Frankly, ranking hair textures to me has got to be the most ignorant thing i’ve ever heard in all of my existence.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair, but NOT simply because I have a coily/curly texture, but because it’s how my grows from MY scalp. Before i big chopped i told myself that i was going to love my hair texture NO MATTER WHAT. The beauty of natural hair is its uniqueness and it seriously hurts me that women think they “can’t” go natural because they don’t have “the right texture”. 

Even in the natural hair community i’ve noticed a preference to “3c, 4a, & 4b” hair, the looser textures :T tsk tsk

Like seriously, I think this may be one of the most pertinent reasons as to why so many women are scared to go natural. Who’s convinced us that in order to look good natural, your hair has to be a certain texture?? The point is to love what you’ve been given PERIOD and accept the uniqueness of your own hair, not pine after what’s been accepted as a “good texture”. In my opinion, the ONLY good hair, is HEALTHY hair. 

Friday, 30 - 11 - 2012

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